Year: 2016

Project: Sustainable Agriculture, Food Security and Linkages (SaFaL)

Job title: Advisor M&E SaFaL program

Client: Platform Natuurlijke Veehouderij, Solidaridad Netherlands & Solidaridad Bangladesh

Location: Bangladesh

Skills: M & E

Thematic areas: Animal health, dairy production, milk quality, housing, feeding, breeding

Main responsibility:

Through participatory group discussions and action research, assist in developing and revising project indicators for the dairy component of the “Sustainable Agriculture, Food Security and Linkages (SaFaL)’ programme in Bangladesh.


Year: 2003


Job title: Trainer sustainable management of farm animal genetic resources


Location: Dinajpur, Rajshahi, Noakhali and Dhaka, Bangladesh

Skills: Capacity building & research

Thematic areas: Farm animal genetic resources, animal production

Brief description of responsibilities: 

  • Assisting 9 Bangladeshi NGOs in developing data collection methodologies for research on animal production systems and animal genetic resources. The methods used consisted of participatory workshops including practical fieldwork where participants put their newly gained knowledge and skills into practice.
  • Clarifying concepts of sustainable livestock management and,
  • Making recommendations for the development of a strategy strengthening the issue of sustainable livestock management for each of these NGOs.