Picture of PhD graduation Ellen Geerlings

Year:  2018

Project: Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) project. Supporting Evidence-Based Policy: a longitudinal study of AMR risk behaviors among livestock keeping communities in India. 

Job title:  Research Associate

Client: Royal Veterinary College, University of London

Location: Maharashtra, India

Skills: Research

Thematic areas: Antimicrobial resistance, animal health, human health, animal production, risk perception, behaviour

Brief description of responsibilities:

  • Review of the AMR  literature related to India
  • Development of research methods and tools particularly relating to AMR risk perception and behaviour.
  • Conducting household interviews, key informant interviews, focus group discussions and observation.

Year:  2015

Project: One Health project 

Job title:  Research Fellow

Client: University of Reading, England

Location: Maharashtra, India

Skills: Research

Thematic areas: One Health, animal health, human health, animal production, dairy sector, mastitis

Brief description of responsibilities:

  • Review of the One Health literature
  • For the purpose of the development of a mobile diagnostic App for mastitis: collecting cow bio-data, taking common and thermal pictures of the udder, taking temperature of the udder and to test each quarter of the udder with the Draminski mastitis counter.

Year: 2008-2014

Project: Ph.D degree

Job title: Doctoral researcher

Department/University: School of Agriculture, Policy & Development, Department of Agriculture, University of Reading

Location: Reading, England

Skills: Research methods,  qualitative data analysis, quantitative data analysis, SPSS, literature review, questionnaire design

Thematic areas: Public health, Avian influenza A(H5N1), animal health policy, Egypt, risk perception and behaviour, poverty, decision support tools

Front PhD theis EG
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Geerlings, E & Heffernan, C (2018) Predicting risk of avian influenza A(H5N1) in Egypt: the creation of a community level metric. BMC public health, 18(1), 388.

ISVEE 2012

13th International Symposium on Veterinary Epidemiology & Economics held in Maastricht from 20-24 November 2012.

“HPAI risk perception of poultry keepers within the traditional poultry sector in Egypt”

Picture of HPAI study in Egypt

Geerlings, E (2010) Uncertain Times in Egypt. The Future of Family Farming - Farming Matters. ILEIA Magazine. March 2010.